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Is Lily becoming a popular name?

My daughter is naming her baby Lily Brooke.

Is Lily becoming a popular name?
The popularity of the name Lily is rising in the Unites States and Canada while declining in other English speaking countries. Its probably so popular because the Lily is a symbol of innocence, purity and beauty.

On a second note, I wouldn%26#039;t worry to much about the popularity of the name because your grand daughter is going to have a very beautiful name.

Congratuations, and don%26#039;t forget to spoil her rotten :-) j/k.
Reply:I think it is Comman but not Popular..
Reply:Yes! I named my daughter Lillie Elizabeth in 2004. Since then, I bet I have met 20 different people who have named their daughter Lillie, just spelled differently.
Reply:It%26#039;s pretty popular in my area. There is 1 in each of my kids classes and I know at least 4 others. That said I think its a beautiful name.
Reply:I work in a DayCare Center with children under the age of 5 and there are at least a dozen Lily%26#039;s all spelt diffrently.

So yes the name Lily has been growing in popularity in the past several years.
Reply:It%26#039;s pretty, but it is popular. It was ranked 39th most popular name in 2005.
Reply:I don%26#039;t know anybody named Lily so it can%26#039;t be too popular.
Reply:In my book no its not a cute or popular name but when you put it next to brooke its not so bad the last will probly make it even prettier
Reply:its been popular for quite some time, and is still growing in numbers.

that name is really cute though. maybe brooke lily?
Reply:Lily is popular i think. But its really pretty. The bad thing about that name is Brooke. It doesn%26#039;t flow with Lily try looking for another middle name or just take it out. It%26#039;s not going to be used anywayz.
Reply:It%26#039;s been a popular name for several years, and is sometimes spelt Lillie. It%26#039;s pretty and feminine, and likely not so common that she will have confusion with several other Lily%26#039;s in class.
Reply:I don%26#039;t think it is becoming popular, but it has been a common name for decades. I know an old lady called Lily, my grade one teacher (26 years ago) was called Lilya, I have known some Lilian, Liliana, Lilibeth....
Reply:It is getting popular
Reply:not really it depends on where you live though
Reply:Ummm, im sure a lot of people have the name, but I dont think it is really popular... Im having a little girl in may and her name is going to be Lilyana Elyse...
Reply:Lily is becoming extremely popular, but I would still use it. Lily Brook is adorable.
Reply:Lily was the 16 last year on the top 100

If your daughter likes Lily Brooke, then it%26#039;s the prefect people

Reply:Well, yes, it is. If you go to the website listed below you can type in any name and it tells you it%26#039;s popularity in diagram form.

But I think Lily Brooke is a beautiful name!
Reply:If i have a girl I am naming her Lillyian Camille and we are going to call her Lilly. i think it is starting to become popular but not like Jessica.


Easter Lily Care?

I just got this gorgeous Easter Lily from my guy and I really want it to live, but I have no idea how to take care of it. How many times a day, or week, do I water it? Can I keep it inside all year and it not die, or do I HAVE TO put it outside? How much sun does it require when its growing and when its grown? Should I plant (if I have to) in a sunny area or a sun blocked area? Can I keep it in a pot?

Easter Lily Care?
They don%26#039;t like to be too wet or dry. If indoors every other day is fine watering. It is a bulb, so yes you can plant it outside after it dies off and it will come back up next year with the rest of your lillies. If you want to keep it for potting, then when it dies off, dig it up, store in cool dry place, and then repot around end of Dec. to try to force indoors for Easter blooms next year.

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In lily's crossing the book...?

Where is Albert’s sister, Ruth?

She is still in Hungary.

She died in the war.

She is in France.

She is with relatives in Canada.

Why does Margaret’s family leave Rockaway Beach?

To leave the sadness of their house and the ocean.

Because Margaret’s father has taken work in a city.

To go find Eddie.

Because Margaret’s father has enlisted in the army.

Where do Albert and Lily hide the cat they rescue?

Under the pier

In the boat

At the post office

At Margaret’s house

In lily%26#039;s crossing the book...?
try wikipedia

really, you can usually find pages of detailed information about your queston.


Calla Lily Tattoo?

Anyone have a tatoo of a calla lily ?? What color?

Calla Lily Tattoo?
I don%26#039;t have a calla lily, but I have an easter lily - just black ink, no shading. It%26#039;s kind of stylized.
Reply:That isn%26#039;t a tramp stamp. But sorry hun i have no tattoos yet.
Reply:I don%26#039;t have a Calla Lilly yet but I would love to get one. Because it is my mom%26#039;s favorite flower and I would like to do something for her. And if you%26#039;re asking wouldn%26#039;t you mom flip? No she wouldn%26#039;t my parents got me a tat for X-mas last year. I really like the deep purple ones, they%26#039;re so pretty. I hope you can find what you%26#039;re looking for :)
Reply:Calla lilies are beautiful! They come in all sorts of shades from white to deep purple. I think they would make a beautiful tattoo. I don%26#039;t have a calla tatt but I do have a stargazer lily and it%26#039;s in shades of pink and green.
Reply:thisparrothead--I don%26#039;t think this question was asking for a judgement. I have a shamrock, but a calla lily sounds really nice.
Reply:I have no tramp stamps.

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Did Lily Really Love James or was that a lie???? Anyone know???

I loved the Lily/James story(he was an idiot then grew up to be with her) but now am uncertain about what was actually true? like would she have rather married Snape? has JK answered this anywhere??? everyone%26#039;s just talking about how james was horrible but i never imagined him like that...thoughts? facts?

Did Lily Really Love James or was that a lie???? Anyone know???
MA: How did they get together? She hated James, from what we%26#039;ve seen.

JKR: Did she really? You%26#039;re a woman, you know what I%26#039;m saying. [Laughter]


Jaclyn: Did lily ever have feelings back for snape

J.K. Rowling: Yes. She might even have grown to love him romantically (she certainly loved him as a friend) if he had not loved Dark Magic so much, and been drawn to such loathesome people and acts.

Also, her patronus was a doe, and James%26#039; was a stag.

Chely: James patronus is a stag and lilys a doe is that a coincidence?

J.K. Rowling: No, the Patronus often mutates to take the image of the love of one%26#039;s life (because they so often become the %26#039;happy thought%26#039; that generates a Patronus).

Reply:J.K said that if situations were different,

lily would have loved snape in return

seeing they were best friends

but lily thought that snape was doing a lot of things that were not approoved by her

and she chose james because he was light-hearted and was behind her for ages

it happens in life all the time

She kind of answers it throughout her books.

She did love James. Probably not as first, but she did love him by the time they get finally together. (Picture a situation somewhat similar as the one with Ron and Hermione).

At first, she obviously didn%26#039;t like him, because James was obviously obnoxious and a bit bigheaded. She never loved %26quot;LOVED%26quot; Snape. She loved him as a friend and what drew them apart was Snapes liking of the Dark Arts.

Lily ended up loving James because he valued friendship, he was loyal and defended bravely the Good Side. In my mind, they fell in love during the first Order of The Phoenix.

Reply:she loved James. He was a show off for her, he always liked making her mad, but it was really all an act to get her attention. I dont know if she loved Snape, their friendship was really close and there is no doubt that he loved her. But i dont think she loved him, I think she knew that he did and wanted to keep their friendship. She started dis-liking him when he called her a mudblood after she tried helping him escape from being bullied, and he ran off to the Dark Lord.

The last book gives so much of this away, and in the 5th book after Harry sees the pensive memory, he asks if his father and mother loved eachother and he was told that they did he always loved her.
Reply:the book i think the 5th one said that after he got off his horse and started being nice and normal, Lily fell in love with him. I liked james, mostly because he hated Snape and was mean to him, but otherwise when he was picking on Snape it kinda made me think, just a little, but then I realized that everyone is human, and he truly hated Snape. I thought it was weird, when harry was going into the forest that he wasnt too warm with his dad, it was weird to me I just got a vibe but i think that was just me
Reply:She loves him! They got married and had a child (Harry)! Its mentioned in the last HP book,Deathly Hallows, that Lily did have feelings for Snape but she didn%26#039;t like the fact that he, snape, was involved in the dark arts. Later on, she fell in love with James.
Reply:well duh why else would she marry him?? no one forced her.
Reply:Snape was Lily%26#039;s best friend in her early years at Hogwarts but she grew to resent him for his treatment of others and his involvement in the Dark Arts. In the sixth book its mentioned that she thought James was a total idiot until she falls head over heels for him in their 7th year. We see that James was a complete jerk to others but these are only moments that stood out in other characters memories. I think James was probably a really decent guy most of the time, its his worse moments that are highlighted. After all Lily did marry and have harry with him. Theres no way she would have married snape.

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Asiatic Lily Plant?

I have a few Asiatic Lily plants in pots used to decorate an indoor water feature. The blooms are nearly expired and they%26#039;re looking pretty sad (still green though). I really hate to throw them out but was wondering if they would survive if I planted them outside in Zone9B? Is it too hot? If so, should I cut them back and would they regrow in the container?

Asiatic Lily Plant?
Asiatic lily plants are really hardy. You can cut the roots and all folliage at the the base and nurture the core in shallow water until new shoot emerge. Then replace the plant in a deeper water of about 2%26#039; and leave in the sun. All Asiatic lily can tolerate the sun.
Reply:I found some great tips on this site.

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Does anyone Know why Lily was axed on Y&R?

I just read that Devetta Sherwood, (Lily) Y%26amp;R, was fired, and the original Lily, Christel Khalil is returning. I was just wondering if anyone knew why?

Does anyone Know why Lily was axed on Y%26amp;R?
something about how devetta hasn%26#039;t the chemistry of the former lily but i think the new lily is o.k. i love y%26amp;r anyways. i don%26#039;t like gloria though.
Reply:I hate that, when is it going to happen because as of today she was still there. The old Lily was not that like able.
Reply:I don%26#039;t know why but when is that going to happen? I want damon to get better soon he%26#039;s such a sweetie!!
Reply:OMG, just read that, too.

I HATE the old lily.